Lang tang on job satisfaction

Just come across a new term this morning (It is freakingly murderously cold today ~ why does it have to rain as well?) A knowmad (n): a nomadic knowledge worker - a creative, imaginative and innovative person who can work with almost anybody, anywhere, anytime. And another piece of wisdom: I didn’t hate my job … Continue reading Lang tang on job satisfaction


Lang tang

One: The weather today is freakingly cold. It was sort of lucky when I had been so lazy that I had not worn gloves for weeks before this cold spell, which coincidentally emphasised the warmth of the woolen gloves this morning though they were quite old now. Two: A couple of things in this week remind me … Continue reading Lang tang

Vietnam as a Japanophile

Just another rambling thought on a not-so-new topic: Vietnam's fandom for Japan. My friend today asked me about some trends in shopping behaviour of Vietnam and when discussing, I just (re)realised how much "Made-In-Japan" things are favoured by most of my acquaintances. According to the 2015 survey by Pew, 82% of the Vietnamese population answered … Continue reading Vietnam as a Japanophile

Hot Jobs in Vietnam

Life coach/Pastoral carer/Psychological health nurse A few days ago I just came across a newspaper saying 17% of the pupils in Vietnam wanted to commit suicide according to a survey by the Ministry of Health (here is the link, in local language, sorry). Another article tells a story a father feels ashamed just because his … Continue reading Hot Jobs in Vietnam