A New Wave of Sex Revolution In Vietnam?


Omaisau Ha Noi


By Thu Ngo

This banner popped up in my News Feed today. A debate contest on Sex Rights with a provocative and daring slogan: “Sex Right? Speak Out! Scared of What?”

The contest seems to be another idea of iSEE – Institute for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment, a local NGO dedicated to “a civilized, prosperous, and democratic society where everyone is treated equally and every humanity values is respected.”

In favour of freedom of expression and the rights of minority groups which in the society of Vietnam includes the youth, it is not a surprise when iSEE leads this new wave of Sex Revolution in Vietnam.

I called it a “new wave” because from my initial research, discussions on this topic have been around for a while as early as in 2007. However, as many other social issues, they were completely drowned and/or swept away by tons of…

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