Creative Arts Classes for Adults


Omaisau Ha Noi

By Thu Ngo

The trend started in 2013, from my observation, slow and quite subtle.

Perhaps I should wind back the clock to the illustration drawing classes in Work Room Four once located in Zone 9, which was once the so-called hub for artists and young people in Hanoi for a while yet had a very dramatic ending with fire, accidents and even fatalities and bulldozing decision from the city government.

Work Room Four was founded by four expats living in Hanoi; all have arts and/or teaching background. That partly explains the group’s mission which is “provides a space for creatives, learners and educators. […] a workspace and creative hub for people of all ages and walks of life to share and enjoy.” After the abrupt close down of Zone 9 area, the group searched for a new location and finally in mid-May 2014, WR4 opened their new studios in An Duong Vuong…

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