Reality Shows – How TV industry negotiates with changes in contemporary masculinity [2]


Omaisau Ha Noi

A Dream of An Ideal Fatherhood

By Thu Ngo

4RYHqjA Poster of Chinese adaptation “Dad, Where Are We Going?” (Photo courtesy:

The success of ‘Dad, Where are We Going?’ (WWG) in my opinion is attributed to the construction, or to be more exact, the reconstruction of fatherhood among the audience not only South Korean ones but also those in other Asian countries.

Regarding the definition and symbolisation of fatherhood in pre-modern East Asia, Confucianism has been the most influential. The system was in fact spread to other East Asian countries including South Korea thanks to China’s invasion throughout the region in the pre-modern era. Joseon Dynasty of Korea (1392-1910) was the most heavily influenced by Confucianism of all dynasties in East-Asia (Taga 2005:130). One of the most influential concepts constructing East Asian masculinities including the image of a father in the family that Confucianism presents include patriarchal authoritarianism…

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