Scale the human touch in advertising


Omaisau Ha Noi

By Thu Ngo

A slight steering away from the Korean fatherhood for today.

On searching information for my part 2, Fatherhood in Vietnam and how it is represented in the reality show, I came across an article on the OPPO “Fatherhood” tied to the brand’s sponsorship for the Vietnamese ver of “Dad, Where Are We Going?”.

Created by BBDO Vietnam, the two TV commercial videos deliver a message that “Fatherhood takes two hands,” depicting moments a father and his kid share without any aid of technology. Or, a smartphone company makes an ad to discourage their customers to use their products.

The OPPO ads somehow resonates with emotional advertisements of Thailand which have become viral through YouTube these days. It seems that every other day there’s a new weepie that tugs at the heartstrings. The most recent: “The Power of Love,” a commercial from Y&R for DTAC portraying a new father being…

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