• am still translating the book on Vietnamese history and have crush over several men in the history. Most of them were first kings of their dynasties. The history of Vietnam is so colourful and lively, and none of the movies or cultural products have done justice to it.
  • am still reading “Aristotle and Dante”, and fall in love with each single word in every single page. Feel like any sentence can be quoted from a poetry.
  • took mom to a historic site of the city, which I have been passing by for years but have never come in until today. The site used to be one of the biggest prisons in the Indochina region during the first Indochina War, the so-called “hell on earth”. Mom’s grandpa used to be locked here twice for his patriotic anti-French activities. The cell where he was captured is in the death-sentenced department of the prison. It is still being kept and becomes a main spot of attraction.

Just some notes to mark the first day of July. Half of the year has passed already. Time flies.


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