Adult – Sondia

Becoming myself And seeing stars that will forever shine I’m dreaming these kinds of sleepless dreams But the foolish me Only realized That I’ll never be myself Only after I opened my eyes


A Visitor

"The coming of a person is, in fact, astonishing. Because he comes with his past and present and with his future. Because a person’s whole life comes with him. Because that life is easily broken, the heart that comes along could have been broken ― a heart that only the wind will likely to be able to touch, … Continue reading A Visitor

What Brings You Together

When I first watched "Grey's Anatomy" 10 years ago, Meredith's quirkiness struck me so hard that most of the times, I forgot the maturity of her lover, Derek. And now, after having experienced adulthood a bit more, sometimes by hard way, I start feeling how impactful his words are. "Look I was married for 11 … Continue reading What Brings You Together