Legalisation of sex work in Vietnam

Since last week, Vietnamese media has been stirred up by discussions on legalisation of prostitution - should or should not. It is not difficult to realise their arguments are still targeting sex workers, considering them as the root of all evils who help destroying the so-called traditions and culture fostered for ages. The pictures used in … Continue reading Legalisation of sex work in Vietnam


Dating Shows in Vietnam

Yesterday afternoon, when having a coffee date with my single friend, I by chance saw, on the internet, a headline saying the famous "The Bachelor" show is coming to Vietnam. Not wanting to be impolite with my friend, I just pressed the Like button to save the article for later reading (indeed, the sapo was … Continue reading Dating Shows in Vietnam

Reality Shows – How TV industry negotiates with changes in contemporary masculinity [1]


Omaisau Ha Noi

By Thu Ngo

On 30 January 2013, in an interview with Korean Newsen, Im Hyung-taek, Director of Running Man confirmed the show’s filming schedule in early February in Vietnam. This news when coming out actually made headlines of many Vietnamese online newspapers after shaking the local fan-sites of this show.

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Reality Shows – How TV industry negotiates with changes in contemporary masculinity [2]


Omaisau Ha Noi

A Dream of An Ideal Fatherhood

By Thu Ngo

4RYHqjA Poster of Chinese adaptation “Dad, Where Are We Going?” (Photo courtesy:

The success of ‘Dad, Where are We Going?’ (WWG) in my opinion is attributed to the construction, or to be more exact, the reconstruction of fatherhood among the audience not only South Korean ones but also those in other Asian countries.

Regarding the definition and symbolisation of fatherhood in pre-modern East Asia, Confucianism has been the most influential. The system was in fact spread to other East Asian countries including South Korea thanks to China’s invasion throughout the region in the pre-modern era. Joseon Dynasty of Korea (1392-1910) was the most heavily influenced by Confucianism of all dynasties in East-Asia (Taga 2005:130). One of the most influential concepts constructing East Asian masculinities including the image of a father in the family that Confucianism presents include patriarchal authoritarianism…

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‘Descendants of the Sun’ and Vietnam War – an Unexpected Relation


Omaisau Ha Noi

By Thu Ngo

The South Korean troops executed civilian massacres [in the South Vietnam] but no apologies have been heard. And today, we are enjoying such a series as ‘Descendants of the Sun’?

What are we then? Have we lost our mind?


Please think of our innocent people whose death has not been properly acknowledged …

That is my translation of a long message entitled “Please…” which has been rampantly shared among Vietnamese facebook users since yesterday. Written by a local reporter who used to write about the Hallyu as well as he self-claimed, the status received more than 70,000 likes shortly after being posted [1].

Perhaps when starting the filming, the staff of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (DOTS), the series mentioned directly in the post, did not expect the drama would stir up the public opinions in this way: bringing up to the public a war…

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