am still translating the book on Vietnamese history and have crush over several men in the history. Most of them were first kings of their dynasties. The history of Vietnam is so colourful and lively, and none of the movies or cultural products have done justice to it. am still reading "Aristotle and Dante", and … Continue reading 2017.07.01


Another paradox

Another paradox. Peace divides people more than wars do. During wars, the whole country just have one shared goal. When peace is achieved, people are more likely to be bounded by group benefits, becoming treacherous and selfish, and thereby hurting one another. It is being divided from the inside. It is like cancer cells, growing … Continue reading Another paradox

A New Wave of Sex Revolution In Vietnam?


Omaisau Ha Noi


By Thu Ngo

This banner popped up in my News Feed today. A debate contest on Sex Rights with a provocative and daring slogan: “Sex Right? Speak Out! Scared of What?”

The contest seems to be another idea of iSEE – Institute for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment, a local NGO dedicated to “a civilized, prosperous, and democratic society where everyone is treated equally and every humanity values is respected.”

In favour of freedom of expression and the rights of minority groups which in the society of Vietnam includes the youth, it is not a surprise when iSEE leads this new wave of Sex Revolution in Vietnam.

I called it a “new wave” because from my initial research, discussions on this topic have been around for a while as early as in 2007. However, as many other social issues, they were completely drowned and/or swept away by tons of…

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Creative Arts Classes for Adults


Omaisau Ha Noi

By Thu Ngo

The trend started in 2013, from my observation, slow and quite subtle.

Perhaps I should wind back the clock to the illustration drawing classes in Work Room Four once located in Zone 9, which was once the so-called hub for artists and young people in Hanoi for a while yet had a very dramatic ending with fire, accidents and even fatalities and bulldozing decision from the city government.

Work Room Four was founded by four expats living in Hanoi; all have arts and/or teaching background. That partly explains the group’s mission which is “provides a space for creatives, learners and educators. […] a workspace and creative hub for people of all ages and walks of life to share and enjoy.” After the abrupt close down of Zone 9 area, the group searched for a new location and finally in mid-May 2014, WR4 opened their new studios in An Duong Vuong…

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Scale the human touch in advertising


Omaisau Ha Noi

By Thu Ngo

A slight steering away from the Korean fatherhood for today.

On searching information for my part 2, Fatherhood in Vietnam and how it is represented in the reality show, I came across an article on the OPPO “Fatherhood” tied to the brand’s sponsorship for the Vietnamese ver of “Dad, Where Are We Going?”.

Created by BBDO Vietnam, the two TV commercial videos deliver a message that “Fatherhood takes two hands,” depicting moments a father and his kid share without any aid of technology. Or, a smartphone company makes an ad to discourage their customers to use their products.

The OPPO ads somehow resonates with emotional advertisements of Thailand which have become viral through YouTube these days. It seems that every other day there’s a new weepie that tugs at the heartstrings. The most recent: “The Power of Love,” a commercial from Y&R for DTAC portraying a new father being…

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